Three Easy Annuals for a Romantic Summer Garden

Warm breezes, cool white wine and a garden that comes alive with light as the evening sun goes down. That’s a promise with these three easy annuals. It’s all about white flowers. White flowers may not show well during the day, but at night they glow in the dark, creating depth and mystery — they are my White Knights:

    White Profusion Zinnias
    White Sonata Cosmos
    Snowball Marigolds

All three are easy to cultivate. They germinate quickly and tolerate both wet weather and dry conditions. All three can be started indoors under lights, directly sowed in the ground when night time temperatures are consistently above 55 degrees, or bought from a local nursery when you are ready to plant. I must tell you that these varieties are hard to find in nurseries in white, so the best bet is to start them from seed yourself. And this particular marigold I have never seen available for purchase as a plant.

Placing one or two plants together provides a beacon that will draw all eyes to a hidden corner of your garden. Plant mass groupings of the cosmos or marigolds to fill beds of tulips that have finished their show. Line pathways with the compact zinnias or fill containers with any of these white flower-gems and the luminosity of your backyard will amaze you and your night time guests.

Profusion Zinnias are even more brilliant because they do not need dead heading — the newer blooms grow out to cover the older passing blossoms. Cosmos are elegant with petals like silk in a breeze. And the marigolds have the added benefit of driving pests away from your vegetables.

These flowers are like having a backyard full of teas lights. So, plan now to enhance your evening garden with a magical glow. Light up the night.

Suggested reading to make your white knight even steamier — Black Rose by Nora Roberts. The first book in the In The Garden Trilogy.

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2 thoughts on “Three Easy Annuals for a Romantic Summer Garden

  1. Very pretty picks! I love cosmos – they are definitely a great addition to a romantic garden.

  2. I have two dozen white cosmos growing under lights in my basement waiting to get outside once this weird weather settles down a bit.

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