Mustard Greens and How to Get Your Kids to Eat Them

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Well, maybe not your kids, but this recipe will turn an unwilling adult into a mustard greens eater. The trick is not sugar (but that certainly helps) — the trick is lemon, or lime, or even orange juice. I found this wonderful recipe on Pinterest — a useful way to browse the web. Quite frankly, […]

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Purple Flu

I woke this morning just before the alarm with an unmistakable case of Purple Flu. I could not go to work. It’s not that I was worried about spreading the infection. Everyone at work has Purple Flu today, everyone in the building has it. Everyone at the grocery store has it, the gas station, the […]

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Let’s Get It Started

It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere in the world, and every day is the beginning of one season and the end of another.  Now is the beginning of the seedling farm in the basement and now college lacrosse starts in earnest.  This weekend all plots of dirt are weed-free, all teams are perfect and everyone’s hopes […]

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