Bloomin’ Among the Ruin

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Detroit has fallen on some hard times. Its wealth and prosperity are gone. What was once a vibrant city with two million inhabitants has become a broken, hollow and burnt out shell — almost. Scratch the grime encrusted surface of this city and you can still make out the grandeur that was there during the […]

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Southern Natives Flourish in Buffalo

Forcing tropical plants to grow in the snow belt has been a passion at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens since its Victorian glass house was built in 1900.   Growing natives was not de rigeur a hundred years ago, so exotic heat lovers were coaxed into bloom under a dome.  And what a dome […]

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Let’s Get It Started

It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere in the world, and every day is the beginning of one season and the end of another.  Now is the beginning of the seedling farm in the basement and now college lacrosse starts in earnest.  This weekend all plots of dirt are weed-free, all teams are perfect and everyone’s hopes […]

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