Rain Screws Up Pitching Rotation but Snakes Stay Dry

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If I had 162 chances to play in the garden between opening day and the World Series, a few consecutive days of rain wouldn’t make me no never mind.  But I do not have the luxury of a professional baseball schedule.  I have Saturday and Sunday, four times a month to get the weeds out, get the plants in and bring up the beauty and the harvest.  Spring showers will not deter me, but screaming, blowing, thunderstorms do.  The Orioles have already had two rain outs leading to one double header, a fond memory from childhood &#8212 back-to-back games for the price of one admission.  There is no room in my schedule for a mid-week double header — a sunny Monday is spent at my desk on the wrong side of the window.

There is one place in my garden that stays dry — under the wheelbarrow. Last month, I pruned my hydrangeas after watching a video on the subject on North Coast Gardening and using the new Fiskars Easy Pruners I won from gardenrant.com. I filled the wheelbarrow with debris and turned it upside down in the same spot it spent the winter. It is a special spot. I protect it and add just the right amount of habitat every year. Sunday, I was rewarded when I lifted the barrow and looked underneath. A new batch of my buddies are back. I know very little about them except that they are sweet, have never bitten me, dislike the dog, and there are more than a dozen.

They are good luck and mean a healthy gardening season.

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