Pitchers & Catchers Report to Spring Training

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Roses are supposed to be pruned in February.  And on Sunday, I pruned mine.  It was incredibly exciting because I am the proud owner of a new pair of pruners — Fiskars Cuts 3X Easier pruners.  I won them from my new favorite gardening blog Garden Rant.  To celebrate, my husband bought me these fabulous gardening gloves from the Dollar Store:

Gloves and new pruners

The pruners will last forever.  The gloves will fall apart before the peas get planted next week.

Out I went, with a lightness of heart, to treat my roses to a timely trim with razor sharp virgin pruners.  Pruners made extra special because they incorporate innovative PowerGear technology that gives your hand a strength never before believed possible.  An ability to cut and shape the most stubborn of branches that was going to make me feel like the Bionic Gardener.  If I were right-handed.  Which I am not.  I cannot relay the depth of disappointment.  All my life I have had to adjust to the rest of the world, to accommodate designers who dismiss the dexterity needs of left-handed persons.  I should have expected it.  The pruners work just fine with my right hand and did give me some added strength on my non-dominant side.  I am appreciative, just . . . it’s been a struggle . . . from butter knives to scissors to soup ladles to can openers . . . I can go on.

When I came in from pruning the roses, I heard a radio interview with Justine Siegal and some of the lightness in my heart returned.  Justine Siegal made baseball history last week by being the first woman to throw batting practice in the major leagues.  She throws for the Cleveland Indians and by all accounts is very good at what she does and extremely dedicated.  Ms. Siegal is right-handed.  It took a great deal of persistence for her to get this job.  During the interview, she was asked whether there was any future for women in professional baseball.  I expected not.  Her answer was that there is a future for women in baseball.  Starting with a left-handed knuckleball pitcher.  I can’t wait.

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