They Say God is a Tarheel

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God must be a Tarheel because the sky is Carolina blue.  Well, the sky was Carolina blue yesterday and it came crashing down all over the yellow of Marquette in the Sweet Sixteen round.   Later in the day, Kentucky blue crushed the red out of the number one tournament seed, Ohio State, in what was one of the best games of the tournament, so far.

Forsythia blossom against Carolina blue sky

Tomorrow night will see Carolina blue versus Kentucky blue.  The blue of Kentucky is not sky blue, however.  UConn blue is yet another shade.  Arizona has already beaten the blue of Duke and Wildcat red will fall to the Huskies.  Butler sports a blue, but they, too, have taken out a number one seed.  They’ve had their 15 minutes of fame — they’re done.  The Jayhawks come in blue, a blue that VCU with its yellow accents will not be able to withstand.  Using scientific, springtime color analysis — the GardenSprite final four:

Then next weekend, we’ll see if God really is a Tarheel.

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