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My garden is a bit of peace and productivity in the middle of Baltimore City. I’d like to say it flourishes while I listen to Beethoven and Mozart on local public radio, but it doesn’t and I don’t.

For the past dozen years, it has been struggling to grow as I yell at the announcers on whichever radio station is broadcasting the Orioles games.

I’m a tried and true and for the past many years, blue, baseball fan. [August 2014 Update: Orioles are in first place in the AL East, not so blue this year.]

Baseball lends itself well to listening. I have tried ripping weeds while listening to football, but the Ravens demand that I watch them. In the winter, I start seeds under lights in the basement watching college hoops. I will listen to lacrosse games while I garden. And run in and out of the house during the Masters. But mostly, it’s baseball and my garden.

It has been a long, hard, sad stint since 1997. Gardeners must have patience. [August 2014 Update: Patience started paying off when Buck Showalter showed up.]

One day the black and orange will be back. One day I won’t be asking, “How did they blow a five run lead in the ninth?”

Here is where I write about my garden and the gardens I visit. I use this blog to explore issues that concern me like sustainability, scarce water resources and organic gardening practices. And I write about issues that intrigue me when it comes to the overwhelming beauty of our world or a simple vegetable garden.

I focus on the little pleasures, those that put the crop ruining plagues in perspective — a rose, a pear, a fig, a tomato:

Because I know, there’s always next year.

Kathryn Goldman — sports fan, gardener, garden writer, photographer, wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, lawyer, mini driver, co-owner of black dog and black cat.

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